Problemas de configuracion

Rodrigo rroldan en
Lun Feb 21 21:45:15 -03 2005

Creo que todos teniamos razon, fragmento sacado del RFC:

DHCP supports three mechanisms for IP address allocation. In "automatic 
allocation", DHCP assigns a permanent IP address to a client. In "dynamic 
allocation", DHCP assigns an IP address to a client for a limited period of 
time (or until the client explicitly relinquishes the address). In "manual 
allocation", a client's IP address is assigned by the network administrator, 
and DHCP is used simply to convey the assigned address to the client. A 
particular network will use one or more of these mechanisms, depending on the 
policies of the network administrator. 

Saludos Roldyx.

El Lun 21 Feb 2005 20:53, Diego Woitasen escribió:
> provides configuration
>    parameters to Internet hosts.

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